1990 Kookaburra Silver Coin Value

1990 kookaburra silver coin value

Australian Kookaburra silver coins are minted by Perth Mint and are one of the world’s most popular bullion coin series. They feature a unique design that changes every year and are available in several weights and denominations.

These coins are highly collectible and can be a valuable addition to any investment portfolio. They are also eligible for placement in a self-directed IRA, which allows investors to diversify their asset mix with physical metal.

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The obverse of this 1990 kookaburra silver coin features the crowned profile of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse depicts the Kookaburra, a common bird in Australia that is well known for its uncanny call.

The Australian Kookaburra Series was introduced in 1990 and became one of the most popular silver bullion coins in the world. Since then, the design on the reverse has changed each year.

As such, collecting each of these coins is a must for any serious collector. They are available in various minting years and can also be found in special editions like proof, high relief, privy marked, colored, and gilded.

These 1990 Australian Kookaburra silver coins are a valuable part of any investment portfolio. Despite their limited production, they are worth more than their silver content alone due to their rarity.


Kookaburras are one of the world’s most popular silver bullion coin series. These coins feature a yearly changing image of the Australian kookaburra on their reverse sides.

These coins were first minted in 1990 and are a top-seller among collectors and investors alike. They are available in a range of weights, including 1oz, 2oz, 10oz, and one kilo.

The obverse side of each coin features Queen Elizabeth II and the Perth Mint’s mint mark. The kookaburra is depicted in high relief on the reverse.

Each coin also has a year-made date, purity, and weight. These coins have a good delivery status and are considered good value for their silver content. They are classified as legal tender in Australia and can be purchased with confidence.


The Australian Kookaburra series was first minted by the Perth Mint in 1990 and has remained one of their most popular bullion coin series to date. These coins are a great addition to any silver collection as the reverse design changes annually, giving them an artistic flair that many collectors appreciate.

The obverse side of the coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse is an image of a kookaburra. The obverse also includes the year of mintage, the monetary value and the Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark.

The kookaburra is a kingfisher and is a native bird to Australia. Their laughing call is a very iconic and beloved sound. They are a very adept hunter, and they often prey on insects and small vertebrates.


The 1990 Australian Kookaburra is one of the most popular silver coin series in the world. It is a unique bullion coin that changes its design annually and has a limited mintage. It is a good choice for investors and collectors who want to add a quality investment in silver to their portfolios.

The coin is minted by the Perth Mint in Australia and is classified as legal tender with a face value of AUD $1 (Australian dollars). These coins have a fineness of 999 pure silver and are backed by the Australian government.

The obverse side of the coin features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, with inscriptions including “ELIZABETH II” and “5 DOLLARS”. The reverse of the coin depicts an adult kookaburra perched on a tree stump surrounded by eucalyptus leaves and fern. It was designed by Dr. Stuart Devlin AO CMG.