BullionStar Review


BullionStar is a gold and silver provider that offers a secure payment platform. It also has a showroom and excellent customer service. Buyers can create an account online and begin purchasing precious metals right away.

The company’s bullion center in Singapore combines a shop, showroom, and vault in one location making it a unique one-stop shop. It also partners with IRA Club for self-directed custodial IRA accounts.

It offers a variety of services

Bullionstar offers a wide variety of services including online buying and selling, vault storage, and physical bullion sales. Buyers can track their precious metals through the Bullionstar website, and customer service representatives are available to help with any questions or issues. Bullionstar also offers a two-factor authentication feature, which requires customers to enter a 6-digit code sent to their phone to access their account.

BullionStar has a Singapore dollar and US dollar account for all Customer payments, and Customer withdrawal requests are typically processed within one banking day assuming that the correct bank information is provided to BullionStar. Customers may also withdraw their money in person at the BullionCenter.

Customers can open a personal account, business account, or trust/foundation/IRA account with BullionStar. Depending on the account type, BullionStar may require additional documentation. Personal accounts can be operated with a single signing authority or with a maximum of four appointed users/signatories. Joint accounts are available for business and trust/foundation/IRA accounts, where instructions from any of the designated joint account holders will be binding on all.

It offers a secure payment platform

The platform allows people to buy and sell physical precious metals such as gold and silver. They can purchase from BullionStar through a secure online checkout, or they can go to the company’s physical store in Singapore. People can also choose to have their bullion stored in New Zealand vaults, which offer a combination of vault storage and safe deposit boxes. This option gives people full control of their bullion and no bullion taxes.

In order to process an online transaction, BullionStar must verify the Customer’s identity. This may include requesting for proof of identifying information and asking questions about the Customer’s occupation, nationality, and address.

The website’s secure payment platform is convenient for buyers. It only takes a few minutes to create an account. Once a person has done so, they can start browsing through the company’s sales. After that, they can select the items they want to purchase or sell. The company will then send them an email with the details of their transaction.

It offers a showroom

BullionStar offers a one-stop walk in bullion centre in Singapore with an integrated bullion shop, showroom and precious metals vault. The company is unique in the industry because it offers international investors a transactional platform for buying and selling precious metals, offshore gold storage solutions and research into global precious metals markets. BullionStar is a fully audited, reputable and trusted bullion dealer that minimizes counterparty and sovereign risk for its customers.

The company sells its own in-house brand of bullion bars manufactured by world-renowned Swiss refiner Argor Heraeus as well as popular coins from all major mints and bullion dealers. These are sold at the same competitive prices as those offered on its website. In addition, the company provides customers with a range of secure storage options that can be purchased online.

The website allows customers to buy, sell or request physical withdrawal of their bullion 24/7. It also has a FAQ section that answers common questions.

It offers excellent customer service

BullionStar offers excellent customer service and a highly reputable reputation in the bullion industry. They also offer a tax-free environment for storage and maintenance of precious metals. Moreover, customers can choose to pick up their purchases from the Singapore store or have them shipped to any location worldwide. Customers are informed of the cost of shipping and insurance during the checkout process.

The company has an excellent customer rating, backed by reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and Facebook. However, they are not accredited by BBB or Trustlink, which are major websites people visit when looking for gold/silver provider reviews. Nevertheless, these ratings are enough to convince most buyers that this company is legit. However, they need to improve their customer service further by partnering with trusted organizations and becoming more transparent. They may also have to increase their pricing to compete with other bullion dealers. This will help them to get more new customers. In addition, they have plans to expand their operations in the US market.