Bullionstar Review

Bullion Star is an e-commerce company that offers bullion products. These include gold and silver bars and coins.

The bullion company has two vaults that allow users to purchase and store their precious metals. These vaults are located in Singapore and New Zealand.

Customer Service

Bullionstar is a Singapore-based bullion dealer that lets its clients be in control of their precious metals transactions with full transparency. It offers a personalised service online, via phone or in its physical shop in Singapore.

They offer a variety of gold and silver products, including investment-grade coins and bars from prestigious mints. They also have vault storage services in both Singapore and New Zealand.

Customers can use their bullion accounts to purchase and sell gold and silver, track their assets and manage their investments in different currencies. They can also request to have their holdings physically audited.

BullionStar has a large number of positive reviews from clients and is considered one of the best in the industry. Its international customers rave about their easy-to-use transactional platform and groundbreaking research on the global markets.

Payment Options

BullionStar is an online precious metals dealer that offers customers a variety of payment options. These include cryptocurrency, cash, and credit card payments.

During the checkout process, buyers may select whether they want to pick up their order at the company’s shop in Singapore or get it shipped to a location of their choice. They also have the option to store their gold and silver in a secure vault.

To use these options, people must first create an account. This involves providing a few personal details, such as their name and email address.

In addition, they must select a password and PIN code. They can update their information at any time, though they must be logged in to do so.

Once they’ve done this, customers can begin making purchases from BullionStar. They can also choose to sell their silver and gold if they’re not planning on keeping it. They can do so by using the website’s selling tools or by calling a customer service representative.

Shipping Options

BullionStar offers many shipping options for customers, including a vaulted storage service in Texas. This service is great for people who want to keep their precious metals safe without putting them at risk of being stolen or damaged.

Bullionstar also offers an online account that allows clients to track their metals efficiently and easily. They can also view their products, spot prices, charts, and accounts.

To begin using this service, customers need to create an account with BullionStar. This is a relatively simple process that can take less than a minute.

Purchasing precious metals from BullionStar is a hassle-free and fast process. You can purchase gold and silver bars online, and get your order shipped to you within a few business days.

There are several reasons why Singapore is a good place to buy and store gold and other precious metals. The country has political stability, a protected environment, and no taxes or reporting requirements.

Customer Support

Customers can access the company’s customer support via email, phone, and text. They can also get information about their account by checking a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Bullion Star’s customer support is a top-notch service that customers can depend on for all their needs. They’re available to answer any questions you have about the company’s products and services, including payment methods, shipping, and more.

In terms of payment options, Bullion Star accepts cash, checks, cryptocurrencies, and online payments. They also levies storage fees of 0.39 percent for gold, and 0.59 percent for silver and platinum items.

Bullion Star’s online service is a convenient way to purchase and sell gold and silver. It’s easy to use and supports four different languages, so you can choose the one that works best for you. You can even get help with your order if you run into any problems along the way. Moreover, you can choose to store your products in the company’s secure vaults.