Jason Bond Picks Review

jason bond picks review

Jason bond picks is an online trading service that offers subscribers daily watch lists, stock alerts and a chat room. It also provides a number of educational materials and tools to help traders learn the basics of trading.

The service is particularly helpful for swing traders and beginners looking to learn day and swing trading strategies. It also has a lot of information on long-term trading strategies.

Educational materials

Bond is a stock market wizard of sorts and the site offers a slew of educational material from video lessons to day trading playbooks. He also holds a number of great webinars to answer the more esoteric questions his members have.

While there may be a few duds here and there, the most impressive is Jason Bond’s commitment to delivering top-notch customer service. In particular, his email response times are among the best in the business and he even goes so far as to respond to every one of your queries in a timely manner. The site is well worth a look. If you have never taken the time to check out the stock market before, this could be the best way to get started in the lucrative world of investing. You may be surprised by how quickly the learning curve can be steep, but with a little effort and a small monthly subscription fee, you could be on your way to financial freedom in no time.

Watch list

Jason Bond offers a watch list of stocks that are highly likely to make a big move in the next few days. These lists are available only to his subscribers, and include a summary of trading events, Jason’s personal opinions about current market trends, and links to relevant information.

He also provides a chat room where you can talk to him or other experts. This is a great way to learn about the different types of trades and how they work.

You can ask questions or give feedback to the experts in this chat room. The experts are always ready to help and willing to answer your questions.

If you are interested in learning more about swing trading and small cap stocks, this service may be for you. It offers excellent educational materials, a daily watch list, and trade alerts – everything you need to get started.


Jason Bond Picks offers stock trading alerts in packages ranging from $399 to $9,999. The program caters to a variety of trading strategies by offering swing trade notifications and intraday momentum signals in the chat room.

This service is best suited for inexperienced traders who will benefit greatly from its training and stock alerts. It also offers a daily watch list and support to help you improve your skills as a trader.

Typically, Jason Bond’s swing trade strategy involves identifying liquid and nano-sized stocks with market caps under $2 billion, prices under $10 and a beta of 1 or higher. These companies have significant upside potential and can be used to make a profit on small trades.

In addition to his daily watch list, Jason Bond also sends out swing trade alerts to his subscribers by email. These alerts are based on his news research and historical data. He aims to make 10-20% gains on these trades.

Trading platform

Jason Bond Picks focuses on day and swing trading small-cap stocks priced between $1 and $10. Its primary objective is to help traders develop their own technical analysis skills.

The service offers a wide range of educational materials and trade alerts. It also includes a daily watch list, an active chat room and support services.

In addition, members get personalized mentorship by Jason himself and free mastermind meet-ups. They also receive direct access to his team of mentors including Jeff Bishop, Alan Marshall, and Petra Hass.

The Jason Bond Picks trading platform is a good choice for those looking for a reliable stock broker. It is also suitable for beginners, as it teaches the basics of trading without taking too much risk.