Jeff Clark Reviews

Clark is a veteran of the Air Force who has led teams in logistics, operations, readiness & plans, and business. He also has an impressive academic resume, including a bachelor’s degree from Harvard and a master’s from the University of Delaware.

He offers a monthly trade idea that subscribers can use to make money. His recommendations typically involve options for large-cap stocks.

Trade Ideas

Clark is an options-trading expert who makes it a point to provide clear, straightforward trade ideas. He often includes videos that teach investors the basics of call and put options and how to use strategies. He also explains how he makes his trade recommendations and outlines risk-reward profiles for each trade idea.

He is a former editor at Stansberry Research and also ran his own brokerage house and private money management firm. He began writing newsletters after retiring at the age of 42 and has helped thousands of people make money with his trade ideas and advice.

The Jeff Clark Trader newsletter offers monthly trade ideas and research, bonus reports, options education, and more. The cost of a one-year subscription is $199, although you can often get it for less than $19. This is a great deal considering that you also receive the One Stock Retirement Blueprint and access to an options trading course. It’s a great option for investors who want to learn how to trade options and earn big returns.

Chart Analysis

After working as the head editor for two successful trading letters at Stansberry Research, Jeff Clark branched out on his own. Today, he leads a range of investment subscription services. These services provide market insights, educational materials, and investment ideas.

In addition to the stock options trading strategy that Clark uses to pick stocks, subscribers also get access to special reports on how to use technical charts and analyze potential trades. These reports vary from month to month and cover topics like the differences between put and call options.

Another great feature of the service is that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This is twice as long as the usual guarantee offered by other research services. It shows that Clark and his team stand by their work. This also gives new subscribers confidence that they can make a risk-free investment. This is especially important for investors who are looking for a way to increase their retirement income.


During his trading career, Jeff Clark has made millions of dollars. He now shares his strategies with investors. His newsletters teach investors to make money with options in any market. The newsletters also have a free version for new subscribers.

The Jeff Clark Trader research service offers trade ideas and market analysis every month. It focuses on market sectors rather than individual stocks. Each trading idea includes a description of the company and key price levels. It also has a chart and a recommended position size. The service offers long and short trade recommendations.

The service usually costs $199 per year, but it is often offered for less than that. It also comes with a 90-day full credit guarantee. If you decide to cancel the service, you can call and get a refund for your membership fee. In addition, the service includes a video training series and a special report. The videos cover the basics of option trading.