The Best Gold Coins to Buy

best gold coins to buy

Gold coins are a great way to hedge against inflation, preserve value, and increase returns on investment. Coins are also an excellent asset for diversifying your portfolio and ensuring liquidity in uncertain financial times.

To make the best buying decision, it is important to do your research and understand the resale value of the coins you are purchasing. You should stick with internationally recognized coins, especially if you are a beginner.

1. Gold Maple Leaf

Gold Maple Leafs are one of the most popular and sought-after gold bullion coins in the world. They are crafted by the Royal Canadian Mint and feature a beautiful maple leaf design on the reverse side, as well as an iconic radial line pattern.

They are available in multiple weights and styles, making it easy for investors to choose the right coin to fit their budget and investment goals. Moreover, most dealers offer a buyback program for customers who may need to sell their metals at some point in the future.

Buying from a trusted gold dealer is always the best choice when it comes to securing gold bullion. You can shop from a variety of different dealers online, many of which also have convenient buyback programs.

2. Gold Buffalo

The Gold Buffalo is a beautiful coin that is also an excellent investment. It is one of the few 24 karat gold coins to be issued by the United States government and its beauty speaks for itself.

The obverse side of the coin features a profile of a Native American Chief and the reverse side features a Buffalo. The designs were created by sculptor James Earle Fraser who studied life models of 3 different Indian tribe chiefs as inspiration for the coin’s design.

This coin has become an American favorite and is regarded as one of the best gold coins in the world. It is the first 24-karat gold coin to be issued by the United States Mint and is a great choice for gold investors and collectors who want a high-quality coin.

3. American Eagle

The American Eagle is a gold bullion coin produced by the United States Mint. It is one of the most popular coins for investors. It has been in production since 1986 and is available in both proof and uncirculated finishes.

The obverse design features the Statue of Liberty walking in profile, draped in the folds of the American flag, with her right arm extended and holding laurel or oak branches. The reverse shows a soaring eagle with talons grasping an olive branch.

In 1996, American Eagle underwent a period of transition as it changed its business model to focus on private-label casual apparel for men and women. The shift was aimed at increasing its profit margins and targeting a lucrative young market.

4. Gold Philharmonic

The Gold Philharmonic is one of the best gold coins to buy for investment purposes. It is liquid and internationally recognized, making it a great choice for investors who prefer to keep their coins in secure third-party vaults.

The gold coin has been minted since 1989 and is named after the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which is renowned for its world-class performances. The design features a variety of musical instruments that reflect the symphony music of Austria’s capital.

The Gold Philharmonic has been a top selling bullion coin in Europe for over two decades and is backed by the Austrian National Bank. It is legal tender in the country and its face value is denominated in Euros, which makes it a valuable asset to investors worldwide.

5. Gold Maple Leaf Fractional

Fractional gold coins offer a great way to build a coin collection without breaking the bank. They are cheaper than one ounce coins, making them an appealing option for investors and gift givers alike.

Whether you’re looking for an investment piece or simply want to add more gold to your precious metals portfolio, the Gold Maple Leaf Fractional is an excellent choice. This official coin is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and contains a full quarter of an ounce of.9999 pure gold.

The Gold Maple Leaf Fractional features a reverse proof finish, which is brilliant relief on a frosted/matte field, and is engraved with a maple leaf design and the year of issue. It also comes with a serialized certificate from the Royal Canadian Mint.