Using a CRSC Payment Calculator

crsc payment calculator

CRSC is a tax-free benefit that military veterans receive each month. It is based on combat-related disabilities and is paid in addition to a veteran’s retirement pay.

Those eligible for CRSC receive three separate checks each month: one from Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), another from VA, and the third from their branch of service. These checks can be a significant amount, especially for those who are receiving a high VA disability rating.

How to use

If you are a military retiree and suffer from a disability that is a result of combat-related events, then you may be eligible for the CRSC program. This monthly tax-free payment replaces the offset of retirement pay and, in effect, gives you concurrent receipt of your full military retirement and disability payments.

Getting this kind of compensation requires you to file an application with your military branch of service (Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps) and then attach evidence of the claim’s merits. A CRSC calculator can help you determine how much you should be awarded each month. However, it can be difficult to calculate your monetary worth based on your disability and the cost of living. The best option is to consult with a veteran’s service officer (VSO) who can assist you with the process.


CRSC pays retired military members who have combat-related disabilities a monthly tax-free check. Unlike military retirement pay, CRSC pays based on your disability rather than how many years you served. You must submit a CRSC application and provide evidence that your disability happened as the result of a combat-related incident. To make a CRSC claim, complete DD Form 2860 and attach all documents that support your claim. These may include your DD214, a copy of your ret retirement form, Purple Heart award citations and VA rating decisions that apply to the specific combat-related condition you’re claiming for.

Using the formulas in this article, you can calculate how much your CRSC payment will be. For example, if your military retirement is $124 per month and you have a VA disability rating of 2.5% for your combat-related disability, your CRSC rate will be $664. If you don’t qualify for CRSC because you don’t have enough years of service or your disability rating is too high, consider changing to a concurrent receipt program.


Military retirees with combat-related disabilities receive a tax-free monthly CRSC benefit. The amount of CRSC varies based on the disability rating, whether the veteran has a spouse or children and other factors. Using a CRSC payment calculator is helpful to determine how much a retired service member can expect in CRSC payments.

To apply for CRSC, submit DD Form 2860 to your military branch of service along with documentation that shows how you incurred your disability. This includes your DD214 retirement form, Purple Heart award citations, documents from your service and VA records that show how you suffered a disability as a result of a combat-related situation. Those who are retired reservists with 20 or more years of service can also include a statement or letter of service in their application.


The crsc payment calculator isn’t the only tool at your disposal when it comes to claiming your disability benefits. Before you can qualify for a CRSC pay check, you must apply and substantiate your claim. The CRSC system is not as comprehensive as it may sound, and you’ll likely need the assistance of an experienced disability attorney to determine what kind of a payout you are likely to receive. The best way to figure out how much you will get is to speak to your local VA regional office or a knowledgeable VA lawyer who can walk you through the application process step by step.