What’s the Best Gold Coin to Buy?

whats the best gold coin to buy

The gold coin market offers a large variety of choices. It might seem daunting at first, but with a little research and some guidance, you can find the right coins for your investment or hobby collection.

One of the best-selling gold coins is the American Gold Buffalo. It’s popular for its stunning artwork. This coin’s obverse depicts the magnificent profile portrait of a Native chief, while its reverse showcases a majestic Black Diamond-inspired American buffalo.

American Gold Buffalo

If you want to own a gold coin that is as pure as it gets, then the American Gold Buffalo is the best gold coin for you. It is the first-ever 24-karat gold bullion coin to be produced by the United States Mint, and it features.9999 fine gold content.

Its obverse design, crafted by James Earle Fraser, pays homage to the Native American chieftains of the early 20th century. Fraser drew portraits of Big Tree, Iron Tail and Two Moons, combining their prominent features to create a composite profile that represents the first inhabitants of North America.

The reverse of this coin displays Black Diamond, a bison that resides at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. This beloved animal served as inspiration for Fraser’s design, and his attention to detail is evident in the full body left profile on the coin’s reverse.

The American Gold Buffalo is one of the most popular coins on the market and is an excellent choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. It is also a great way to protect your wealth from inflation and minimize risk.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Whether you are just starting to invest in precious metals or you have been in the market for a while, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is a great option. It’s known for its beauty and purity, and it’s been a popular choice in bullion markets worldwide since 1979.

The obverse of the coin features a profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Susanna Blunt. This image is surrounded by inscribed details, including the inscriptions “CANADA,” “9999” twice, and “FINE GOLD.”

On the reverse of the coin is the ornate and highly detailed Maple Leaf. Radial outlines surround the Maple Leaf, and micro-engraved maple leaves appear beneath it for extra security.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is available in a variety of sizes, including 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz. Each coin is minted with.9999 millesimal fine (24-karat) gold.

Australian Gold Nugget

If you want to invest in gold, the Australian Gold Nugget is the best option. This coin has a unique design that makes it highly coveted by collectors and investors.

These coins first debuted in 1986 and feature images of actual gold nuggets found during Australia’s gold mining history. The reverse of these coins also showcases a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

The design changed in 1989 to a more world-recognized symbol of Australia: the kangaroo. This change made the Australian Gold Nugget a popular choice among international buyers and investors.

In addition to the unique design, these coins are also crafted in limited mintages, which makes them an excellent collectible. These coins also trade for slightly higher premiums than other bullion coins.


If you’re looking to invest in gold, then the Krugerrand is one of the best options available. First introduced in 1967, this popular coin is a favorite amongst investors worldwide.

The coin features a portrait of South Africa’s first Boer President, Paul Kruger on its obverse, and a Springbok antelope on its reverse. The coin is minted in four different sizes, including a 1 oz size.

In 1980, smaller sizes were also released, including a one-tenth ounce and a quarter-ounce version. These coins have a reeded edge for added security.

While the Krugerrand is no longer the world’s most popular gold coin, it still has an important place in the market. This popular gold bullion coin is easy to buy and sell, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to own a piece of history.